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Are Loose Leaf Teas Better Than Tea Bags? - Harvest Moon Loose Leaf Tea Co.

Are Loose Leaf Teas Better Than Tea Bags?

Loose leaf teas offer more flavor, aroma, antioxidants, and pleasure than the tiny leaf bits and tea dust inside most commercial tea bags. Typical tea bags are produced on an industrial scale and may be stored in a warehouse and on store shelves for months, even years,  before they are purchased. Not only does an older product have less nutritional benefits, but the bags containing the tea can actually filter out some of the vitamins found in the tea leaves themselves. These low-grade leaves are usually picked, processed, and packaged by machines. In contrast, loose-leaf teas are carefully hand-selected and crafted by tea masters.

on August 12, 2020
What are Single-Estate Teas? - Harvest Moon Loose Leaf Tea Co.

What are Single-Estate Teas?

Single-estate teas refer to teas that come from one farm or plantation, which indicates that it is not blended with other teas from other tea estates in the area. Because of this, the tea can be identified by the name of the estate, such as “Doke” or “Selim Hill“ that will appear in the name of the tea.

on August 12, 2020