Lychee Peach Iced Tea
Lychee Peach Iced Tea

Lychee Peach Iced Tea

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    The blend of Lychee and peach makes Lychee Peach Iced tea the perfect drink to resemble summer mornings in a cup. The fruity and flowery aroma of rose petals reminds the rose gardens at your Grandparent's place. The small bites of dry peach and dry lychee chunks gives a burst of happiness in your mouth. A perfected replacement for summer cocktails with refreshing and low calorie traits that keep you fresh and hydrated throughout the summer.

    Ingredients. Black Tea leaves, rose petals, peach, lycee, stevia, natural oil

    Brewing Suggestions. 

    Brew:  2 tsp of Tea  /  180ml Water
    Temp: Steep a concentrate at 90°C and then add cold water
    Time:  4-5 minutes
    Infusions: 1x
    Condiments: Plain, Sugar, or honey

    Complements. Best paired with your favorite afternoon snacks or lunch dishes

    Caffeine. Low

    Time of Day: Anytime

    Best Consumed: Over ice


    • All our teas are shipped from India, China, Japan, or the Philippines. We work with tea farms to ensure better quality, from farm to home, less handling, less time in stock and we guarantee you freshness and teas from premium quality. All teas will be delivered within 7-15 working days. Please note, depending on your order volume and type of tea/s, we will require 1 to 2 days of processing time.

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