Vanilla Matcha

Vanilla Matcha

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    Thanks to the addition of natural vanilla flavor, this matcha has a sweet taste that's even accessible for those who don't usually like green tea. And yet, it has a balanced enough flavor that even the most serious of tea connoisseurs will enjoy it as a fun break from their routines. The finely milled powder has a powerful vanilla aroma. Foamed with water, milk or milk substitute, it gets frothy and its green notes start to come forward. The flavor is bold vanilla with a grassy kick and hints of coconut. It's sweet, even without any sweetener at all.

    This is the ideal latte tea! You can prepare it in a blender, with a milk foamer or with an electric whisk / milk frother. Any way you choose, add a little warm water to the powder to make a paste, then add a little more to make it more like a syrup. Mix the syrup into your hot or cold water, milk or milk substitute with your blender, foamer, whisk or frother, and, viola! A fantastic matcha latte at a fraction of the cost of a coffeehouse drink!

    Brewing Suggestions.

    • 1 tsp Per Cup
    • Mix to a frothy consistency

    Ingredients. Premium Grade Matcha, natural vanilla powder

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