Clari-Tea Hibiscus Ginger
Clari-Tea Hibiscus Ginger

Clari-Tea Hibiscus Ginger

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    This house blend is perfect to clear your head, settle your stomach, and deliver a caffeine-free zing. All four anti-fungal ingredients, peppermint, hibiscus, licorice and ginger are powerful herbs from around the world. Ginger and mint give it a spark, as well as providing digestive benefits.  Hibiscus and licorice sweeten the pot naturally, and deliver vitamin C and A.  This combination is perfect to provide clear thinking and creativity while you’re working from home or studying.

    Ingredients. Organic Hibiscus, Organic Mint, Organic Liquorice, & Organic Ginger

    Brewing Suggestions. 

    Brew:  2 tsp of Tea  /  180ml Water
    Temp: 85-95°C or bring water to a boil and allow it to rest for 2 minutes before using.
    Time: 5-7 minutes
    Infusions: 2x
    Condiments: Plain, Sugar, or honey

    Complements. Best enjoyed on its own or with light snacks.

    Caffeine. Medium

    Time of Day: Anytime

    Best Consumed: Hot or over ice

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