Poobong Delight - Harvest Moon Loose Leaf Tea Co.
Poobong Delight - Harvest Moon Loose Leaf Tea Co.
Poobong Delight - Harvest Moon Loose Leaf Tea Co.

Harvest Moon Black Tea

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    Harvest Moon Black tea is from Poobong, a small garden nestled in the Darjeeling Valley. This tea is from the early invoices of the garden and has been made from pure chinary cultivar. The quality of the tea and the flavour profile is very rich and is typical chinary. The typical first flush twang with a little astringency give this tea the right balance- sweet and citrusy at the same time.

    Brewing Suggestions. 

    Brew:  2 tsp of Tea  /  180ml Water
    Temp: 90°C or bring water to a boil and allow it to rest for 1 minute before using.
    Time:  4-5 minutes
    Infusions: 1x
    Condiments: Plain, Sugar, or honey

    Complements. It's the perfect accompaniment for desserts or fruit parfaits.

    Caffeine. Medium

    Time of Day: Anytime

    Best Consumed: Hot

    About the Estate. Poobong Tea Estate is an established , high elevation tea estate in the district of Darjeeling of West Bengal, India. A major part of their workforce live in the accommodation provided by the tea estate. They live with their families and are provided adequate welfare and recreational facilities. The estate also practices organic tea farming which doesn’t rely on synthetic pesticides and fertilizers to maintain a high yield.


    • All our teas are shipped from India, China, Japan, or the Philippines. We work with tea farms to ensure better quality, from farm to home, less handling, less time in stock and we guarantee you freshness and teas from premium quality. All teas will be delivered within 7-15 working days. Please note, depending on your order volume and type of tea/s, we will require 1 to 2 days of processing time. 

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