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        We work with top tea estates and organic farms from around the world to offer an unrivalled selection of single-estate and premium teas. Discover our single-estate teas from the finest gardens in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and China … and take your senses on a journey.

        Single Estate

        Harvest Moon Green Tea


        Oaks Premium Darjeeling Tea


        Castleton Special Darjeeling


        Chabessey Handrolled Delight


        Harvest Moon Black Tea


        Giddapahar Green Delight


        Chabessey Eternal green


        Rohini Spring White


        Avongrove Imperial White


        Doke Silver Needle


        Makaibiri Organic Green Tea


        Jogihora Green Tea


        Doke Green Diamond


        Mangalam Black


        Goomtee Muscatel Valley


        Giddapahar Wonder Oolong


        Ekta Golden Emperor Oolong


        Doke Rolling Thunder


        Giddapahar White


        Doke Black Fusion