COPE Blackout Sleep Mask
COPE Blackout Sleep Mask
COPE Blackout Sleep Mask

COPE Blackout Sleep Mask

₱699.00 ₱899.00

    Are you a light sleeper? Do you need a quick nap in between busy hours? Are you easily bothered by light when you close your eyes? Does a regular sleep mask not blocking all the light and just doesn't work for you?

    COPE's Black-Out sleep eye mask is the right one for you!!!

    It blocks the light from outside creating total darkness making it conducive for sleeping. It has a deep eyecup giving space between your eyelid and mask which means you can actually blink. Fitted with an adjustable strap for a snug fit. Made of breathable material so you will not sweat underneath. Soft memory foam to cuddle your face.

    It works for 99% of all face shapes & gives you 100% blackout for your entire sleep cycle...energizing you for wherever life takes you when you wake up.


    1. Made of high-quality memory foam, breathable, soft, skin-friendly, and three-dimensional design, no sense of compression.
    2. Super lightweight and portable, easy to carry, and shading, tranquillising your mind, very comfortable to wear.
    3. With elastic strap, adjustable eye sockets design, easy to remove and fix, and can adjust tightness for perfect fit with the hook-loop, greatly improving comfort.

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