Highland Oolong

Highland Oolong


    Highland Oolong grown in the province of Fujian in Southern China keeps the soul of ancient mountains and energy of the sun. Highland Oolong has complex flavour with floral notes and the distinctive feature that the Chinese call “rhyme”- first rich flavour sensation is followed by light sweet aftertaste.

    Brewing Suggestions. 

    Brew:  1.5 tsp of Tea  /  180ml Water
    Temp: 85-95°C or bring water to a boil and allow it to rest for 2 minutes before using.
    Time:  3-5 minutes
    Infusions: 4-8x
    Condiments: Plain, Sugar, or honey

    Complements. Best paired with semi-hard cheeses, honey cake, crepes, hummus with pita bread, fresh fruit

    Caffeine. Medium

    Time of Day: Anytime

    Best Consumed: Hot

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